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Sibel Slavsky

Nathan and Stacey created a camper better than we could have ever imagined! Nathan’s creativity and attention to detail is amazing. He thought of everything that could make this the most functional and comfortable trailer ever (cup holders, lights everywhere, pouches for charging phones, cabinets that double as a laptop holder…). We are so happy we chose to have a custom trailer made by Nathan instead of a manufacturered one. Thank you for all your hard work Nathan and Stacey!”



Tatia says…

“The Perfect Gift for Mom!”

“Nathan was exceptional at building the Teardrop that will bring me lifelong memories with my mom, adventures, laughter, solitude and whatever else comes my way!”

Go ‘glamping’ in high style. Enjoy Life, and make lasting memories!

(Near Pollock Pines, California)



The Basics:  (Disclaimer: the following applies only to our prototype)

The Whisper 1.0 Prototype was computer designed using unique 3D model plans.

The New 2020 Whisper 2.0
Basic Dimensions:

Height: 75″
Width: 60″ *
Length: 13′ 

*82″ wide (including tires/fenders) Helpful for making sure it fits in your garage.

Basic Trailer features:

  • FULL SIZE or FULL XL BED 56″ x 78″ – Plenty of room to stretch out even for a 6′ 4″ person!
  • OFF GRID POWER 12v system and 115v A.C. using its 2500 or 3000 Watt Inverter.
  • Battery power maintained by a 120 Watt Solar Panel. (enough to use continuously with an average load for up to a week or more!)
  • 10 Gallon Water tank, with running water and sink, using its efficient onboard water pump.
  • Fully capable of standard hookups for power and water – on board.
  • High power golf cart style, low maintenance batteries. Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty!
  • New cabinet design inside and expanded living space within.

Full Specifications of the Whisper 2.0 Trailer:

The new 2020 Whisper 2.0 Model concept design features a new Rear Galley Lid.

The new lid is half its weight, and performs much easier. Lighter is better!

Trailer Dimensions:
Custom welded trailer Base: 5 foot x 8 foot trailer

Overall Dimensions:
length – 13′, 3″ trailer hitch to rear lid. Width: 80″ (outside wheel wells) height: 72″ Air circulation lid closed (82″ wide open)

Trailer Construction: 
Wood Framing construction – Covered and laminated with Aluminum (Glossy Coated Mirror for sides, and brushed aluminum along top and rear galley lid) Many finish options are available.

Dry Weight:
Base model boasts a mere 1,250 lbs without additional cargo. Additional options may add weight. We can verify the precise weight upon delivery.

Electrical / Battery Power:
Our deep cycle batteries* come with 1 Year warranty included. They are rated at 230 ah each, and is a 12 volts system. All of their deep cell type batteries are rated to last 3-5 years if taken care of.

Inverter is charged by 120 Watt Solar panel mounted on roof. Capable of keeping the batteries sufficiently charge to maintain function well in to 48 hours of usage without any connection to household power. It’s also capable of being attached to hookups, adaptor included.

Interior / Exterior Lighting:
All of the lighting inside the trailer is LED lighting. LED lighting require very little power, and lasts almost indefinitely.

Water Storage: (Different options are available)
Onboard 10 or 20 Gallon h20 storage tank with stainless steel sink, with self pressurizing water pump and drain into waste water disposal via drain to bucket. Instant HOT water also available.

Rear galley:
Depending upon configuration you choose during the build phase, you’ll have room for medium or large cooler. The adjacent areas have storage built in for cook top using propane, or electric inverter style cooking with 115 volt standard outlets. We have several configurations available.

Its 14″ Wheels are upgradable to 15″ with heavy duty load tires. A full size spare is mounted beneath. Axle is upgraded to 2″ (heavy duty) rated to 2,200 lbs (minimum).

*The electrical system only requires basic maintenance, such as checking the water level in the deep cycle battery cells (6 each battery) every 7-8 weeks or before and after each major outing. Just add a bit of distilled water if necessary to keep the levels normal. Beyond that there is little to worry about but having a great time in the outdoors, with quite a bit of comfort and style.

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